Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Euphotic" was Euphoric- Miami City Ballet

I will admit that I am a bit tardy with this post, however it took me a couple of weeks to get my paws on the beautiful photographs needed to illustrate my enthusiasm for the Miami City Ballet’s latest performance. Hey Miami people, its not like you’re always on time, lets be honest!

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of viewing the world premier of “Euphotic,” a spectacular new ballet by the wunderkind choreographer Liam Scarlett of The Royal Ballet Company.  Scarlett not only choreographed the ballet, but also designed the seriously cool costumes and the striking set.  Sleep much?

To say the least, Miami is seldom acknowledged for its innovative cultural or artistic offerings. However, in recent years, the Miami City Ballet has received worldwide attention, particularly for it’s seamless interpretation of ballets created by master choreographer George Balanchine.  It is without a doubt that the company's founding artistic director, Edward Villela, is to thank for much of the success. Which is why his scandalous “departure” from the Miami City Ballet last year left many locals concerned over the fate of the company. Yet, it is clear from the latest commissioned piece by Scarlett that the troupe and its new director, Lourdes Lopez, are not to be trifled with my friends. I can assure you, they are as bouncy and bendy as ever.  

I would continue with a snark-laced description of the ballet itself, but words would do it no justice.  Instead, I suggest you turn on some funky chamber music and check out the amazing photos below.

Scarlett's proclaimed "muse" and principal ballerina Jeanette Delgado showing off her ripped back
Copyright Daniel Azuolay

28 dancers took stage to perform this ensemble ballet
Copyright Daniel Azuolay

Copyright Daniel Azuolay

Copyright Daniel Azuolay

Copyright Daniel Azuolay

Miami City Ballet
2200 Liberty Ave  
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 929-7010

Thursday, December 6, 2012

SCOPE Art Fair - Tent Fashion

Let's face it Miami, you are known for many things, but fashion is NOT one of them.  Of course, there is the occasional leather clad hipster, disgustingly adorable brazilian model or meticulously disheveled beach bum cycling away on a fluorescent easy rider. However, noteworthy high fashion is sometimes hard to find in this town of ours.  Perhaps there is something flowing through the Miami tap that prevents the general public from putting any time or effort into it's daily getup. In fact, if I see another person in cut-offs and havaianas this winter, I might cry. Good Grief.

For the reasons stated above, and for many unmentioned reasons as well, I love Art Basel Weekend. "Isn't it all about the Art?" you ask... NOPE!  For me, it is also about the Fashion. Swanky and artistic types travel from all around the world to visit Miami during Art Basel weekend, clad in stylish nonsense with outlandish hairstyles and fantastic accessories. To make it all the more fun, Miami folks are obviously inspired by all the Basel bedazzle. Everyone takes this weekend as an opportunity to break out their artsy fartsy ensembles, get decked to the nines, and ride out to the shows looking as eccentric as possible. It's Fab.

Yesterday I tooled around the Scope Art Fair and Art Asia. While I was generally distracted by the Art ... I couldn't help but notice a few adorably dressed gallery owners and patrons. With the exception of a few fancy nancy's, the general vibe was casually chic Miami Street. Take A Looksy.

Fancy Nancy

Oh yeah, and I saw this bad boy too...

chicken strutting it in a fur coat

110 N.E. 36 St
Miami, Florida

Monday, December 3, 2012

Along the Paint Soaked Streets of Wynwood

This afternoon I took some time to aimlessly peruse the badlands of Wynwood. Much to my pleasure I encountered a screaming array of artists rushing to complete their large scale, building side murals just in time for the commencement of Art Basel 2012.  I would be willing to argue that most of these local street artists have more talent in their paint saturated finger nails than the majority of the hotsy totsy painters whose works will adorn the walls of the Miami Beach Convention Center this weekend. So here's a tip if you are looking to save your entrance fee to the Big Show...  get on your bike and ride around Wynwood. It's bursting with color, its full of surprises annnndddd perhaps a few homeless people... but more importantly, its FREE.

Some of the most impressive murals I set my baby blues on were located at my friend Robbie's new Cigar Manufacturing Outpost, Wynwood Cigar Factory. All Cigar talk aside, this place is Smoking Hot.  Robbie has commissioned some extremely talented artists who have created sick murals on nearly every wall of the building. He will be hosting a whole cornucopia of Basel events this weekend at the Factory, so even if your not down with the cigar thang, swing on by people!

Interior of Wynwood Cigar Factory

Exterior of Wynwood Cigar Factory- My personal Fave!

Wynwood Cigar Factory
101 NW 24th Street
Miami Florida

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Key to Kim Kardashian's #*&!

On Monday, the City of North Miami gave Kim Kardashian and Krew the Keys to the City.  Apparently the City finds her to be an ASSet.  Kim and Kourtney are Kurrently REARsiding in North Miami as they film their new E! reality TV show Kim and Kourtney Take Miami.  AKKordingly, revenues from the production promise to increase the City's BOTTOM line.  Surely, the City will be the BUTT of many jokes over this aKt.  I know i'm laughing my tush off! 
(that was fun, wasn't it?)

For More Koverage Klick Here.

Read more here:

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Salon for Journalists

Last week I took the liberty of crashing my girl Galena’s "Salon for Journalists" to practice my fledgling photography skills. The Salon was created in an effort to bring Miami journalists together to foster support, creativity and collaboration amongst an often-overlooked category of writers. 

We all know that Miami is the same city where Elian Gonzalez temporarily “escaped” Cuba, Jim Morrison was arrested for flashing his you know what, a Zombie man on acid ate someone’s face and where not one, but two presidential elections were mired due to election-day “glitches.”  So, if you ask me, Miami's lifestyle journalists are deserving of a Salon along with some extra loving. (Think: Salon + a happy ending).

Journalists talking about Journalist Things
Journalists listening to Journalist Things
The first of the Salon series was held at one of my favorite Miami Beach hotels, The Betsy, which boasts an architectural style that can be described as “colonial chic.” Built in 1942, it was originally named The Betsy Ross and is arguably one of the few non-Art Deco hotels worthy of architectural attention in the neighborhood.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Deco-ding Miami Beach

They are big, usually pink and Miami Beach has A LOT of them? You guessed it… Art Deco buildings!  Ocean Drive’s most famous Art Deco buildings have been featured in thousands of suntan oil soaked postcards sent around the world. However, most local Miami Beach folk seem to care less about the architecture around them than they do about seeing LMFAO perform live in “concert.”  This is obviously a crying shame. So people, next time you are driving around Pennsylvania, Euclid or Jefferson avenues, stop your car, remove your knockoff ray-bans, avoid a near Miami-like accident, and soak in the splendor that surrounds you.

Here are a few of my favorite underappreciated edifices –

Check out the Miami Design Preservation League, the principal Miami Beach Art Deco advocacy group. And if you have too much free time on your hands, may I suggest an Art Deco Walking tour ... be sure to bring a scathing sunburn, fanny pack and tropical button down shirt!